We think we’re more than the animals we butcher

“They are only meat, and flesh, and bones;

We have thought, we have strength, and most importantly, we have souls!

If humans die, we do not end, we pass on to the hereafter

We are unlike the cattle we slaughter,”

And such a thought is written in our genes

Passed down to our progeny

Oh woe is us, oh woe is me!

We are not blind, still we can’t see

Are we not the same as the beasts we tame?



does not come

from the help of things

that live in the sky, I say,

it comes from those that

are damned by the world

we lepers, we are the ones worthy of giving pardon

we are real, and we are vengeful

we have been stepped on

we have been spat on

and we will have our revenge


we will destroy you; but not today

Oh me


The words of The Lord; timeless and frank

It was His flesh I ate, and His blood I drank

It is He, who exists before and after time

It is He, who rewards good and punishes crime

It is He, whose might is worthy of boast

It is He, whom I long for the most


Because of His words, I am saved from idle slumber

And now my thoughts cease to be clouded any longer

From deep in slumber I awake in blood and tears

To the thundering sounds that my heart rarely hears


His words, his voice, they penetrate into my soul

My body is now safe, and my spirit is now whole


I am not afraid, I am fearful no longer

For I have Him, and He is my anchor

Over and over again

A worried mind whispers silently, inside of an abysmal hole he calls his mind.

Echoing inside of the hole are noiseless chatter, and a horde of squealing swine.

He hangs on to a thread, he is consumed by fright.

For aeons he’s been trapped in darkness, and had forgotten the brightness of The Light.

And though he strives to fight the darkness inside, its choke on his neck continues to suffocate him each night.

But if he were to surrender tonight, he would forever lose the grace of Light.

And so he continues his struggle, giving his all, and with all his might.

We are

I’m heading there.

I can feel it now.

I’m heading there slowly, surely,

I’ll be arriving some time soon.

And it’s not only me,

But also you.

It’s not only me, but everyone,

We’re all heading there.


We’re all heading there.

On our own time, at our own paces.


How is a man to carry another’s heart?

To make room for another’s burdens?


How does one claim to be so generous to give away one’s very being?

To bring down the sky to the very depths of the abysmal trenches of the ocean?