I think

The loveliest fear of all

Is the fear of not being able

To love with all you heart


Over and over again

A worried mind whispers silently, inside of an abysmal hole he calls his mind.

Echoing inside of the hole are noiseless chatter, and a horde of squealing swine.

He hangs on to a thread, he is consumed by fright.

For aeons he’s been trapped in darkness, and had forgotten the brightness of The Light.

And though he strives to fight the darkness inside, its choke on his neck continues to suffocate him each night.

But if he were to surrender tonight, he would forever lose the grace of Light.

And so he continues his struggle, giving his all, and with all his might.

We are

I’m heading there.

I can feel it now.

I’m heading there slowly, surely,

I’ll be arriving some time soon.

And it’s not only me,

But also you.

It’s not only me, but everyone,

We’re all heading there.


We’re all heading there.

On our own time, at our own paces.


How is a man to carry another’s heart?

To make room for another’s burdens?


How does one claim to be so generous to give away one’s very being?

To bring down the sky to the very depths of the abysmal trenches of the ocean?


If you hold my hand long enough,

I’ll give my arms and legs to you.

If you embrace my body long enough,

I’ll present my whole being to you.

If you kiss me and leave me to die,

I’ll pray for your health every day.

If you pray for me when I’m weak,

I’ll write you letters of love so sweet.

If you do believe in what I say,

I’ll surrender my heart to you.

If you so choose to break it apart,

If you decide to smash it to pieces,

If you think it’d be better that way,

I’ll still live to tell the tale.

I am alive today,

And maybe tomorrow too,

But I don’t know what I’ll do,

If we turned into a caliphate.

Nothing means anything if you’re hungry

Sometimes I want you to be my home
But then you’ll never be your own
That’s our nature, and it’s inevitable
We like to conquer and quarrel

I want to be a mountain
But I’m afraid of heights
I want to be the night
But the darkness isn’t bright
I want to be a lion
But too scared to fight

I want you to be my home
But most of the time you already are
You’re a home that I could have no more
But I might not be your home in return
And I think that’s not a fair deal anymore

I want to be a lion
I want to be a mountain
I want to be a mountain lion
I want to laugh at that statement
I want to leave my self all alone
I want to walk away from everyone
I want to make bread, not drink wine
I want to be the best friend you’ll ever have
I want to be anyone else but myself
I want the world to crumble down on itself
I want the sun to explode and make us disappear

I want some food
Because I’m hungry
But I don’t make bread
And I’m out of breath
I don’t make bread by talking
And I didn’t make my bed this morning
And in the light of all these things I want
Nothing means anything if you’re hungry

Home is far away

Home is far away
More than a day’s worth of travel
More than what my feet could handle

Home is far away
But it’s closer than tears
But sometimes it disappears

Home is far away
Tucked into a blanket
On a shelf full of trinkets

Home is far away
But it comes by every Friday
And there’s no more Faraday

Home is far away
Like when we wasted those minutes
That we promised not to take for granted

Home is far away
It’s far away every day
It’s far away and it never stays