A clear night

we write
lines of poetry
with emotions
we’ve never felt
and yet sometimes
the tears still drop
but at the end of the day
what are we to say?
everyone deserves an escape

we write
lines upon lines of stories
thousands of made up people
living the life we give to them
be it tragic or full of  joyful glee
we play with uncertainties
to escape our own reality
again, what are we to say?
everyone deserves an escape

I write
be it poem or prose
hoping that it would reach you
and now they’ve reached the thousands
and yet I still continue to write for you
even if your lips love another’s
I write and it is hard not to
because I cannot find you
and so, what am I to say?
I cannot escape you


day and night the walls speak to him,
‘only change is permanent,’
they whisper into his ears;

‘she is gone, let her go’
they whisper into his ears,
just like how she used to love him;

and if he is permitted,
he would reply to those whispers.
but these walls do not have ears,
they do not and would never listen.

Only change is permanent,
and she had gone away;
while he is still just there.


First lovers do die.


They die every day.

Time; fire touching clay.


Each recollection,

Fails to bring to vision

Any sort of authentic

Feeling of affection.


That feeling, exactly

That, died long ago.

Dying down slowly, like

Falling flakes of snow.


They’re dead,

But they live on.


Walking to and fro;

Distant shades of

What is no more.


Twenty years,

And maybe more.


First lovers die,

Just like any other

Thing that lives.


Sooner or later,

They have to

Say goodbye.




let’s talk again about our past

and how everything didn’t make sense

and how we almost lost our minds

because growing up was a pain

and the truths we learned hurts

and how our imbalanced hormones

made us stay up all night

wondering why life is so bad

of course it isn’t bad now

but it used to, or it just felt



let’s talk again like we used to,

though I don’t know you like I used to

because we both changed a lot

and still we change, day to day