Thank you for holding on

Oh Love,

I could not sleep at night lately, and sleeplessness is ordinary.
And mine eyes are blurred by such exhaustion: blinded, slowly.
But you are my beacon of hope, and hope is more than scarce to me.
And it’s nothing else but scars I see, a pattern that decorates my body.
The pain that I feel, so plenty, it fades away when you come close to me.
And when mine eyes and yours finally meet; two souls leaving their bodies.
Intertwined by fate and neglected by time. Far too much pain, yet we never cry.
And what is it that could stop our plight? For the heavens is the very thing we deny.
And even though how hard we try, we could not, would not, accept that time still flies.
But what is more to life then to lie and wait? For everything goes away, and that’s okay.

Oh Love,

I could not sleep at night, without wishing that you’re here by my side.
Two very small blots of Chinese ink, travelling at the speed of dark light.
You come forward with no promises, nothing else matters and that’s alright.
Each and every kiss is an heirloom we pass down to every blacks that has life.
And our nights are far more lonely than what it used to be. It’s nothing to me.
You and me, we were never here and we would never hear the screams of our fears.
We would love, and loving is too short. So if we would love: it’s either that or mort.
And our stories are not at all short, we build them up just to see them get destroyed.
But without love, joyful hatred appears. And that too would one day cease to appear.
So what is it that we hold on so tight too? What else is there, for us, to even hold dear?
It’s nothing more than our complete and utter failure in comprehending all the lost tears.

We have no where else to turn.
And we would, probably, never learn.


You left a mark

I can’t sleep without hearing the sound of your thoughts on my beating heart

Your scent always lingers in my mind

And tomorrow is another chance for me to leave everyone behind

But leaves would always fall down to the ground, and we, we would always follow each other around

Through the abyss, or through the meadows

I love you, that I know.


First lovers do die.


They die every day.

Time; fire touching clay.


Each recollection,

Fails to bring to vision

Any sort of authentic

Feeling of affection.


That feeling, exactly

That, died long ago.

Dying down slowly, like

Falling flakes of snow.


They’re dead,

But they live on.


Walking to and fro;

Distant shades of

What is no more.


Twenty years,

And maybe more.


First lovers die,

Just like any other

Thing that lives.


Sooner or later,

They have to

Say goodbye.




let’s talk again about our past

and how everything didn’t make sense

and how we almost lost our minds

because growing up was a pain

and the truths we learned hurts

and how our imbalanced hormones

made us stay up all night

wondering why life is so bad

of course it isn’t bad now

but it used to, or it just felt



let’s talk again like we used to,

though I don’t know you like I used to

because we both changed a lot

and still we change, day to day


We’re thrown into this world,
And we weren’t given options.
We can not, and did not, choose to live.

We are waiting for death to take us away,
From the bitter suffering that we enjoy.
Or we’re not waiting, maybe it’s only me,
But I guess I’m not waiting for death alone.

Tonight might be the night I leave life,
To enter and endless, empty, void;
It’s okay, I have no regrets.
If tonight I die, then I die.

Tomorrow might be the day I die,
The day I write my farewell letter;
Maybe time to say goodbye, forever.
If tomorrow I leave life, so be it.

But in between birth and death,
There is, and there has to be,

you ramble a lot

we weren’t ourselves
last night, and night was
our sole companion
as we waited for the dark
to end

i wasn’t being me
i didn’t scrutinize every
small fault we did as humans
in this dull and boring world
neither were you
you weren’t the whiny
surface dwelling
half hearted achiever
you said you always were
we were different
we didn’t recognize

you cried that night
about small details, like
the fact that i didn’t love you
and your tears were warm
they fell on my shoulders
down to my limp arms
to my fingertips that
wiped them off your eyes

then you found yourself
in my arms, still saddened
by such small details
i pulled up the blankets
and caressed your hair
you haven’t washed them
but i didn’t really care
from time to time, i would
let my lips land on your face
but that didn’t do anything
you were still crying

and so we just froze like that
lying next to each other
one more quiet than the other
but clearly both surrendered
to the strong pull of