Philosophical Meditation

We as humans would always feel anxiety and fear. But many times we do not understand what we fear or what is it we are anxious about. And because of that, we see ourselves as helpless beings always clouded by thoughts we could never rid. Slowly these fears and anxieties would conjure up images of dark scenarios and outcomes that could happen in the future, but would prevent our minds to think clearly in the present.

To prevent these dark thoughts haunt our nights we must first understand what we fear and what we are anxious about. By simply taking a step back from the fast lives we live, we could observe these dark thoughts with a healthy mind and a clear conscience. In short we must keep our mind calm, our body relaxed, and start to contemplate about our self and our life, or we could call it ‘philosophical meditation’.

You should start by telling your self a story of why you are upset, keep a pen and paper near you to write it down. Start by narrating to your self what situation you were in that caused you to be upset. Pretend that you are talking to someone who would spend long hours just listening to your stories. And do be as detailed as possible.

As you go, write down what you said. Slowly you would start to see why you are upset or anxious or fearful. After you finished that first step, examine that piece of paper you wrote slowly. Look at all the things you’ve gathered up to that point and contemplate on it.

Contemplating itself is deep and reflective thinking. In this case, contemplate about what you have written. Think of the probabilities of those dark thoughts, are they rational or not, or in other words do a full analysis of it. Through deep reflective thinking such as that, we could understand our own thoughts. At the end, we could see those dark fears start to shatter. A lot of times, we are just victims of our own over thinking of the future.

We could always think of our anxieties and fears as a form of plague for the mind. But know that we don’t really know for certain what the future holds for us. Neither do we know whether the future would be friendly or not. It is nice to understand that we could overcome hard hitting anxiety and fears, but what is most important is to have both a healthy dose of optimism and pessimism for the future.

For more help, you could click this link to the School of Life channel on Youtube, a very wonderful movement to grasp again what it means to be human.