roadside whores

peace be upon you, and

peace be upon the whores

and the transvestites

standing at  roadsides

from their run down

wooden shacks

built on swampy land

uneven, but it’ll do

peace upon them

from their anuses

to their rectums

peace be upon them

even when they’re drunk

or running from the pigs

bless their feet


pray for me, for

my own peace of mind

As I die, Summer ends

This morning the sun rises slowly to meet the sky.
The singing birds freeing their wings from slumber.

As the sun rises clamly, I retreat into my bed.
As birds sing and prance, my mind wanders.

The morning breeze fondle the leaves of trees.
This morning the flowers are like memories.

As the calm wind softly blow, I go.
As the flowers come alive, I die.

I die with the rising sun,
I die with its warmth.

I die and birds sing,
I die in their melody.

I die whilst the wind stream,
I die quietly, without screams.

I die with the scent of blooming hydrangeas,
I die peacefully knowing summer loved me.