roadside whores

peace be upon you, and

peace be upon the whores

and the transvestites

standing at  roadsides

from their run down

wooden shacks

built on swampy land

uneven, but it’ll do

peace upon them

from their anuses

to their rectums

peace be upon them

even when they’re drunk

or running from the pigs

bless their feet


pray for me, for

my own peace of mind



When you’re losing control,
If you ache for a momentary halt,
I could bring that about I suppose.
I’m the transit for the desirous soul,
I’m the fleeting feeling in your heart,
And you may be that which I want the most.

you ramble a lot

we weren’t ourselves
last night, and night was
our sole companion
as we waited for the dark
to end

i wasn’t being me
i didn’t scrutinize every
small fault we did as humans
in this dull and boring world
neither were you
you weren’t the whiny
surface dwelling
half hearted achiever
you said you always were
we were different
we didn’t recognize

you cried that night
about small details, like
the fact that i didn’t love you
and your tears were warm
they fell on my shoulders
down to my limp arms
to my fingertips that
wiped them off your eyes

then you found yourself
in my arms, still saddened
by such small details
i pulled up the blankets
and caressed your hair
you haven’t washed them
but i didn’t really care
from time to time, i would
let my lips land on your face
but that didn’t do anything
you were still crying

and so we just froze like that
lying next to each other
one more quiet than the other
but clearly both surrendered
to the strong pull of